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Frank Iero, Gerard Way

January 2008


|stuff that tagged along|

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Self Harm

Title: Self Harm
Summary: Just A song or poem I guess I just came up with it yesterday!

Addicted to self harm
I hurt myself again
Just another memory scarred
I know you don't care
But I just can't help but tell
About how I'm going to hell
Well I guess I can look forward
To seeing you there
Because I hurt myself again today
I've shoved pills that made me ill
Down my throat followed by booze that made me
Stumble like I'm falling
Falling down my favorite flight of stairs

Because every scar has a story
Except for these
I miss him
I hurt him
I killed him

He missed me
He hurt me
He killed me

I don't know why I love it
All the Self Harm
The hate I seem to be filled with
Doesn't seem to shine
Unless I'm throwing back whine
Because it's always covered by highness
All the pot, All the pills
The hopeless hearts that made me ill

And I think we all know it's better off this way
So much better of this way
But I just can't seem to stop all the killing
My body's aching
While I'm waking
From all the fun we had last night
Slamming on our guitars and screaming the lyrics
No One knew anything about

Because of all the bodies I claimed
Is the reason I'm going down this path I chose
But I'll bring you all down with me
If it's the last thing I ever do
I'll get you
But I really don't want to
Rehab ain't sounded so bad after all
But I swear I'd rather take off all my skin
Tear apart all my insides and suffocate in hate

Because I know I'm Okay

Don't believe a word I say because
I just want a horrible day
But believe me now
Cause it's the truth
But how is it?
Cause it's the truth
Because I'm Okay
Believe me
I need no help

Because I think I'll blow my brains against the ceiling now.......
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